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Daily Dose Of Me.

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11/22/05 04:46 pm

((Oh God, I've been so dead. I'm so very sorry! I was kinda failing in school lately, so I really had to start getting my grades up which is why I've been away for so long. I promise once things get like...More organized and my grades are higher, I'll be way more active...I LOVE YOU GUYS))

I was...In a cave...For a really long time...And...O___O I tried to get Sasuke pregnant through my mind...I telepathically sent him some of my sperm! I can't wait to see if it worked!

I was doing Hokage training class, and I got lost in the cave...I found this old man, he told me his name was Cedric...And then he died, and I cried so hard for Cedric...;___; THEN GAI CAME TO MY RESCUE!

And here I am.

I love you Sasuke and Aito!

<3 <3

10/26/05 06:01 pm - O__O

=O Hi! I haven't updated in a long time...Buuut...>.> Umm...I'm here now! I'm also 15 and SEXY, so keep your hands off me.

Sasuke and I got married <3___<3 and Aito is so big and cute^^ And he can kill you if you touch him, because we trained him WELL.

I don't know what else to say...

OH! I'm in Hokage Training School. And I'm going to become Hokage soon, and make Konoha better than ever, and name it SasuNaruGAito-noha *nod nod* Because I can!

Umm...I'm going to and...TRAIN! Because I'm going to be SUPER STRONG.

I love you Sasuke and Aito...AND SEXY GAI! <333

10/10/05 10:30 am



I'm a whole year older!! <3 <3 <3


I want presents!!

10/5/05 07:00 pm

V__V I feel lonely...

Which is weird, because I can go see Sasuke pretty much anytime, and Aito's around and Gai and...Well, Everyone. But I just can't help but feel lonely T__T

I uh...Don't know what else to write, so I guess I'll go in my room, listen to emo music and cry...


10/1/05 03:31 pm

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9/20/05 07:11 pm

Umm...I'm gonna go for awhile...It's a secret though ...MEANING YOU CAN'T KNOW!

Actually...I'm going to be a rapist fighter. I'm gonna go train for a bit, and when I come back, I'll be a lean, mean rapist fighting machine! You better watch out you...Rapists!!


I love you Sasuke, I'll be back soon, promise

9/20/05 06:18 pm

OOC: Um...Hi...T_T I think I'm going to take a break from RP and stuff, not for long, maybe a week or so...I'm just really...Busy with school and tutoring and when I DO get home I'm completely drained. I'll still be on AIM from time to time...And I'll talk to people OOC but...I just don't have energy to RP right now...Sorry...

>.> I have a lot of periods in there...


9/14/05 06:29 pm

O______________________O Kiba...You're dead. So fucking dead. I swear I will kill you. That's a fucking promise. I will rip you apart little by little and feed you to mutant children. Just watch me do it...

Sasuke, I love you so much. Don't ever forget that.

9/10/05 08:16 pm

Life sucks. I hate life...I hope the world ends tomorrow and everyone dies...DIES IN THEIR LIES! STUPID LIFE!

I hate everything and everyone. Except Kankuro because...You made me realize the truth. Thanks man. Commando forever.



9/3/05 01:38 pm

I think I'm dead...T_T I'm atleast really sick...Thanks to Lee for kicking me in the crotch, thanks a lot BITCH.

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